You can use the following script to install NSSM and Azurite, as well as install Azurite as windows service. Of course, after some adjustments, it can also be used to run any powershell script snippet as windows service.


  • To install NSSM from Chocolatey and Azurite from NPM, use script.ps1 install-dependencies
  • To install Azurite as Service, use script.ps1 install
  • To uninstall the service, use script.ps1 uninstall
# Can be used to run the Azurite Emulator as a Windows Service via NSSM
# Make sure to have NSSM installed (e.g. via "choco install nssm")
# Also make sure to have Azurite installed ("npm install -g azurite")
# You can also use the "install-dependencies" command

param($command, $azuritePath)

# Service configuration
$serviceName = "AzuriteEmulator"
$serviceDisplayName = "Azurite Emulator as Windows Service"
$logsDirectory = "C:\azurite\logs"

# Setup of dynamic paths
$nssm = (Get-Command nssm).Source
$powershell = (Get-Command pwsh).Source
$scriptPath = $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path

# Azurite-specific handling - we pass the Azurite path to the service so that it can be run under a different user account
if ($azuritePath -eq "" -Or $null -eq $azuritePath) {    
    $azuritePath = (Get-Command azurite).Source
$arguments = '-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File "{0}" --command runservice -azuritePath "{1}"' -f $scriptPath, $azuritePath

if ($command -eq "runservice") {
    # This is the script part we actually want to run inside the service
    Write-Host ("Starting Azurite from '{0}'..." -f $azuritePath)
    & $azuritePath --silent --location c:\azurite --debug c:\azurite\logs\azurite.log --loose
elseif ($command -eq "install") {
    # Ensure logs directory exists
    mkdir $logsDirectory -f

    # Install service, set DisplayName and redirect outputs to logs
    & $nssm install "$serviceName" "$powershell" "$arguments"
    & $nssm set "$serviceName" DisplayName $serviceDisplayName
    & $nssm set "$serviceName" AppStdout "$logsDirectory\service.log"
    & $nssm set "$serviceName" AppStderr "$logsDirectory\service-error.log"

    # Start service and print status
    Start-Service $serviceName
    Get-Service $serviceName
    Write-Host "Installed and started Azurite as Windows Service" -f Green
elseif ($command -eq "uninstall") {
    # Stop and then remove service
    & $nssm stop $serviceName
    & $nssm remove $serviceName confirm
    Write-Host "Uninstalled Azurite as Windows Service" -f Green
elseif ($command -eq "install-dependencies") {
    # Install nssm and azurite
    Write-Host "Installing NSSM via Chocolatey..." -f Green
    choco install nssm -y
    Write-Host "Installing Azurite via NPM..." -f Green
    npm install -g azurite
else {
    Write-Host ("Unknown command '{0}'. Use 'install' or 'uninstall' from an elevated prompt." -f $command) -f Red