Like most developers, I guess, I planned - and started, with multiple attempts - to create a personal site since like forever. But I never really got around to publishing something, since I wanted that page to look decent - and I’m just not a designer.

Selecting Azure Static WebApps and Hugo

Today, after spending some of my day fiddling with Azure Static WebApps, I preserved enough motivation to start reading up on the state of static site generators in 2022. I had read about Hugo before, but never really tried it. After having a look around their free themes overview, I found a decent one with PaperMod and went to try it. Hugo really is a blast to get started with, within minutes, actually.

I also managed to set up a simple Azure DevOps YAML pipeline to automatically build and deploy the site - I need that comfort if I want to keep up some hope that this will receive additional posts.

The future

So yeah, here it is. Let’s see if I will actually use it and post something here from time to time - but I won’t promise that. Maybe I’ll get some motivation from somewhere 😆